Entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of your local economy.

Our communities depend on entrepreneurs with inspired ideas and the guts to build the next generation of local businesses. These businesses come in all shapes and sizes, everything from main street cafes, to women-owned gun smitheries, to the next hit social media platforms. Chances are these companies won't become billion-dollar success stories, but many will provide much needed services and create much needed local jobs, which pay for mortgages and put food on the table.

While a local business competition isn't the only thing you can do to help these entrepreneurs start and grow their own thriving companies, they do play a very important role. An annual local business competition will firmly establish and sustain a culture in your community that celebrates, supports, and rewards entrepreneurship.

Each year when you announce your competition, residents of your community who are toiling away in a cubicle a few towns over or drinking coffee with friends in a local cafe will be reminded that today could be the day they take that first step to make their business dream a reality. Those who decide to enter will become connected to your organization, and acquainted with the opportunities and resources your community offers to help entrepreneurs. Your community will have the privilege to learn about these bold local dreamers, in many cases, before they've even written a business plan or officially opened the doors of their business.

We promise, it will be an event your community will look forward to every year.

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The Startup Local team stands ready to help you launch your first local business competition, or take the one you currently host to the next level. We’d love the opportunity to take you on a guided tour of our business competition platform and walk you through the competition process. Thank you for taking the time learn more about Startup Local.


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